Hello Kitty by OPI

From top, clockwise: Kitty White, Look at my Bow!, Small + Cute =, Spoken from the Heart, Let’s be Friends!, and Charmmy and Sugar.

OPI partnered with Hello Kitty for a collection they call Hello Kitty for OPI. These fun, happy, cute colors are the epitome of everything Hello Kitty stands for.

There are 12 colors in the collection and OPI was kind enough to send me six of those colors, as shown in the image below. All are definitely a shade of pink, which I like for spring, don’t you?

I couldn’t wait to test them out and find my favorite color(s). Here’s a swatch of the four pinks (in the same order as the image above:


I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and the colors I thought might be my favorites were different than I expected. I really like the ones in the middle – and the lightest pink (white), Let’s be Friends!, I could see wearing with a black and white outfit.

Now on to the shimmers – they surprised me a little bit Charmmy and Sugar stood out with the slight pink hue and colored glitter as you can see on my ring finger. However, Kitty White (on my pinky),


was almost non-existent looking. So I thought, hey, let’s try this as a top coat on one of the other pinks. YES! This took Spoken from the Heart from a pretty pink to a party pink. I love the fine shimmer of Kitty White, but it really needs a canvas of color underneath it to really do it justice.


Have you tried this collection from OPI? Which brand of nail polish is your go-to polish? I love hearing from you all and learning the things that work and don’t work for you. You all often teach me things and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you!

Now I’ve got to run take off these six different nail polish colors before I run into anyone I know!

Sneak Peek: Obsessive Cosmetics Magnetic Fields Collection

Coming out tomoLipTar-NEW_Magnoliarrow! The Magnetic Fields collection from OCC, The cult-favorite line is releasing six limited-edition Lip Tars in some fun and funky colors.

Embrace your BOLD side with colors such as (from top to bottom)

Magnolia – a warm coral punch coloLipTar-NEW_LilyLipTar-NEW_Indridr. Really pretty.

Lily – a true lavender that is so popular right now.

Indrid – a bubblegum pink duochrome. You’ll see some grey undertones with this one.

Rime – a light teal color infused with gold shimmer.

Artifact – A mix of crimson and brick with a copper pearl.

And last, but certainly not least…

Wasabi – this probably needs no explaining, but it’s an opaque incredibly LipTar-NEW_Rimebright chartreuse. Not for the faint of heart.

At $16 a pop, I think they’re generally accessible to have at least one. Or at least start with one. 🙂

You can pick these up in the morning at  OCCMakeup.com, Nordstrom.com, Beautylish.com, andLipTar-NEW_Artifact Beauty.com.

Which color are you most interested in trying? Leave me a message in the comments.