June Favorites

There’s so much good stuff I’ve been using this past month. So, so much! So let’s get started.

Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser
I have very red cheeks. Not Rosacea, as far as I can tell, but highly pigmented cheeks. Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser helps to soothe and calm my cheeks while removing dirt, grime, and makeup at the same time.  Actually, the entire line of Redness Relief products are great, but it all starts with the cleanser, right? You can find the entire line at paulaschoice.com – I like shopping on their site directly because they allow you to purchase SAMPLES (for .50), which is a great way to try something new without breaking the bank to do so – or to buy products that are the perfect size for traveling. The full size is around $17 – not too bad at all.

NARSSKIN Double Refining Exfoliator
One thing I learned from Nars’ International Makeup Artist Uzo is that EXFOLIATING is the way to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Sure, moisturizer is important as well, but keeping those dead skin cells turning over is the way to glowing luminous skin. I really like this formula because you can feel the grains, but they are small and rounded. They don’t hurt or irritate skin, but after you rinse the product off your face, you can definitely tell your skin is smoother. This is the time to use that moisturizer you love. It now has a better chance of sinking into skin, and giving you the benefits you desire. At $34, it may sound a little expensive, but you will be surprised at how long it lasts. I’ve been using mine for a little over 3 months now and haven’t had to buy a new bottle. And yes, you can (and should) use this type of exfoliator every day. I prefer to use in the AM, but PM would be fine also. NARS products can be purchased in the boutique (if you’re in Atlanta), online, or in a full Sephora store (not the ones in JCP)

Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana PowderINSTAGLAM-COMPACT-DELUXE-BA
While I have heard of the banana powder craze, Rodial’s version was my first to try. A true skeptic, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am a believer now!

I put this pressed powder on thickly after I use my under eye concealer and let it “bake” for a few minutes while I finish up the rest of my makeup. I do the same thing along my jawline, right below my contour.

Once I have finished my makeup, I dust off the excess and BAM – my under eye discoloration is gone and my eyes look well rested. It doesn’t settle into lines or look cakey at all! My jawline looks amazing and it makes my contour look even better. Now I have to try Rodial’s Contouring Powder! The luxe compact is $57 and is supposed to be available online and in Blue Mercury stores, but I haven’t been able to find it.  When that information becomes available, I’ll leave a comment for those of you who are interested in purchasing it.

Terry De Gunzburg Thé Glacé Parfum
I love perfume. I’m always switching it up and trying new fragrances based on the time of the year and my mood. Despite my penchant for fragrance changes, I’m falling hard for The Glacé. What a gorgeous fragrance this is. It’s a light citrus (I smell a hint of lime) that dries down to a soft musk that is still undeniably feminine. Sure, it’s expensive; it even smells expensive. There’s a sophistication in the fragrance that screams luxe. However, at $170 for a 100ml bottle really is not that expensive, comparatively speaking. And if you love it as much as I do, you’ll wear it all the time and get your money’s worth out of it. Look for it on Barney’s website.

That’s all I have to share for June favorites. Leave a comment down below if you’d be interested in reading about UNFavorites.



My Total Mouth Restoration

Hi, Everyone!

This is a bit of a more personal post, as it has to do with me and my smile.  I was fortunate enough to be able to have porcelain veneers laid over my top front 8 teeth when I was 17 (in 1995).

BEFORE – As you can see, there were few teeth showing and my upper lip was virtually non-existent.
After having braces, and seeing the ridges they left in my teeth, I was so relieved there was an option to make my teeth look beautiful again. And they did. I got compliments all the time on my new white smile. It was awesome.

Fast forward to 2015 – 20 years later. Despite how well you care for veneers, they do have a lifespan (Typically 5-15 years back then) and I had ridden them out for 20 years. Impressive. But along the way, my gums receded, a veneer or two chipped and was patched with

My first glimpse of what could be...but the end result is so much better!
My first glimpse of what could be…but the end result is so much better! And yes, those were my teeth (top image). Gross.
composite bonding (which stains very easily) and even the whole structure of my jaw had changed and even if I had wanted to show my teeth (which I didn’t); they really didn’t show in smiles anyway. I was embarrassed and walked around looking angry all the time because I was too self-conscious to smile and my jaw looked like it was collapsing in on me. Not cute or sexy in the least!

Late December 2015, I met with a Prosthodontist named Dr. Louisa Berman (in Atlanta at Maple Drive Dentistry), who walked me through the steps we’d take to get me the smile I longed for.

MIDWAY - This is probably the halfway point.
MIDWAY – This is probably the halfway point. You can see we’re coming along nicely.too closed in.
Let me speak about Dr. Berman for a moment. She is so kind and caring when it comes to her patients. She’s always happy to see me, rejoices with me in the small victories along the journey we’ve taken and has incredible skill at what she does. In order for her to become a Prosthodontist, she went to post-doctoral schooling for specialized training – think of what she does is create prosthetics for your mouth. You wouldn’t want a regular doctor creating a prosthetic for your leg if you needed one; you’d want an orthopaedist. Same thing applies in the dental world. You want a Prosthodontist creating dental prostheses for your mouth, not a garden variety dentist. Trust me on this! (My first go around was with a regular dentist – this has BY FAR, been a much better experience!)

AFTER - Shiny new smile, happier me!
AFTER – Shiny new smile, happier me!
And I would be a fool not to recognize one of Dr. Berman’s dental assistants, Sandie Abernathy. Not only is she extremely talented, she takes the time to treat every patient like royalty. Warm neck pillow? Yes, please. Rub my shoulder or hold my hand if I’m nervous. Of course. At this point, I’ve considered her my soul sister. She is great.

I won’t say it was a fast process, nor was it always a comfortable process. but those are temporary restraints. Dr. Berman was able to give me a little vertical lift in my upper teeth so they could be seen when I smiled. She widened the necks of my upper teeth to build up a little bit of mass so that my top lip wasn’t nearly invisible. But she also cleaned my teeth, removed any decay and calculus (which we laugh about because I call it math – get it? calculus, math, haha) and she removed old metal fillings and replaced with ceramic ones and crowns where needed. So not only does my smile look great, my mouth is HEALTHY and happy.

I have a new lease on life now. My gums and teeth are healthy, my smile is white and bright and wide and I swear I look younger. It was dumb luck that I ended up in her office, but I am so thankful I did. She’s changed my life in so many ways! I LOVE MY NEW SMILE!

(I have not received any compensation for sharing my story. It is my own opinion of the services I received and paid for at Maple Drive Dentistry. I just think they’re great!)

Match Co. Custom Foundation – First Impression

I have to say, I was pretty excited to try the MatchCo app.

Match Co. App

By utilizing the camera on your smartphone, MatchCo takes images of your skin on both sides of you wrist, your cheeks, and your forehead.

It’s definitely easy to use, and the idea of having a fully customized foundation, complete with your name on the bottle sounds pretty awesome and revolutionary.

You must be makeup-free to do the scans, and you will also need to calibrate your phone before scanning. It’s super easy and the voice walks you through each step.

Once you’ve finished your scans, it gives you the option to purchase for $49, plus shipping (free if you choose Priority Mail – that’s a quick turnaround!)

If your foundation arrives, and for some reason it’s not a perfect match (mine was not – I believe it’s due to the redness in my cheeks – don’t worry, you can return it within 30 days and try again.

I think this is a great way to purchase foundation if you don’t have too much redness in your face – that seems to throw everything off balance. But for pale, even, less red skin tones, I believe you will be pleased. If not, there’s nothing to lose!