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Considering a Wrinkle Cream?

We recently discussed’s quest to find the very best in wrinkle creams, and the top three, but for those of you looking for something more or different, here are some additional findings:

Other Wrinkle Creams to Consider

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Night and Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme. Packaging aside (more pots — we feel like a broken record) we liked both of these anti-wrinkle creams well enough. Un-Wrinkle has the most retinol (listed 12th) as well as some glycolic acid, but you’ll be shelling out over $100 for 1 oz of product that doesn’t have any coveted hyaluronate. Its counterpart, the Cellular Creme, is a more affordable $85 for 1.7 oz, but unsurprisingly its retinoid is much lower in the ingredients list and its hyaluronate is nearly last.

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night ($80). It contains our three wishlist ingredients (although it has the least retinol of all our top picks) and is comparable in size and price to Dr. Dennis Gross, but the Ultimate Miracle Worker had some downsides. Denatured alcohol as one of the first ingredients which is ultra-drying in the bad way, plus you have to stir little “pearls” into the cream to “activate” it when you first open it — so gimmicky!

“Retinol is a truly effective wrinkle reduction treatment. It is much better to have a product with retinol than without it.” Dr. Diane Ford, MDDSF Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology

Stop Time: Best of Wrinkle Creams

Turning back the clock and showing a more youthful self is pretty much on our minds all the time, right? From using sunscreen, to moisturizing and exfoliating, we’ve done it all. has set out to find the best of the best in wrinkle creams, and here are their results:

The 30-Second Review

According to the studies researched, and the dermatologists and chemists interviewed, the best wrinkle creams do work — as long as they’re made with the right stuff. Retinol is the only non-negotiable, but they scoured the ingredients lists of over 200 products looking for two other clinically proven anti-agers: alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronate acid. Holy grail wrinkle creams do exist, but they definitely come at a price.

237 Contenders  → 3 Top Picks
Best Overall (If You Can Afford It)

A super-light serum that contains all three powerhouse ingredients — retinol, AHAs, and hyaluronic — in a sleek pump bottle. At $510, it’s five times as expensive as our other top picks, but it doesn’t get much better.

Other Top Picks

Wrinkle cream is the long con of skin care, a commitment to a daily routine that won’t show results for months, or even years. There’s no over-the-counter quick fix for wrinkles — nothing we can slather on one night and wake up crease-free the next morning. When it comes to wrinkle creams, we invest in the routine (not to mention the product) and, to a certain extent, cross our fingers that 10 or 20 years from now we may look 10 or 20 years younger than we would have without them.

So it’s good news that the science behind the most powerful wrinkle fighters — retinol, for one, but alpha hydroxy acids and humectants like hyaluronic acid too — says they do actually work to decrease the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging. The bad news: They don’t come cheap.

Sure, La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night is $510, but it’s the only wrinkle cream found that not only includes the three best ingredients to fight signs of aging but includes them in effective amounts. Plus, it comes in an airless pump bottle (this is a big deal!) that eliminates any chance for the product inside to degrade, and it instantly absorbs, making it ideal to layer into your skincare routine. If you’re serious about results and don’t want to go the prescription route, this is the product to splurge on.

Runner-up, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer, feels like a steal by comparison, but retinol is nearly two times lower on the ingredients list, so it’s just not as effective. It also comes in a pot, as opposed to a pump, making it more susceptible to contamination — and trickier to portion out. That said, it does contain all three ingredients that make the best wrinkle creams work, which is hard to find. If you’ll only apply it with clean hands and in a sunless room, this is a decent (and more affordable) option.

When we stumbled onto Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, we were ecstatic. Voila: a product with even more retinol than La Prairie, in good packaging, for about $20. It has a pretty perfume-y fragrance, which will be a turnoff for some, and it doesn’t have any alpha hydroxy acids, which, after retinol, are the most effective wrinkle fighters. But if you can deal with the scent and load up on AHAs in other aspects of your skincare, this wrinkle cream is a perfect pick.

How They Found the Best Wrinkle Cream

For the past five years in the US alone, consumers have spent well over $2 billion annually on anti-aging products. Worldwide, the market is estimated to be nearing $200 billion in the next few years. Needless to say, there are a lot to choose from: Whole aisles in drugstores and department stores are devoted to combatting wrinkles, fine lines, and sun-damaged skin.

To find the best wrinkle cream, looked for products for the whole face (our review on best eye cream is a good read for anyone looking for a more targeted approach). We compiled a list of 237 creams, serums, and gels from top retailer roundups; recommendations from popular beauty magazines, blogs, and experts; and best-sellers from stores like Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks — even Walgreens. And then we started digging into their ingredients.

No retinol? That’s a deal breaker.

Retinoids are the only over-the-counter wrinkle fighter proven to reverse the signs of aging in study after study. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol works in two ways: by drying and exfoliating the epidermis (aka cell turnover) and by spurring the collagen production that naturally degrades as we get older, which improves elasticity and fills in lines.

You’ve heard of the original retinoid, tretinoin, by its brand name Retin-A, a prescription topical solution developed by dermatologists in the ‘60s. Retinol is its over-the-counter little sister, and while it’s not quite as strong or immediately effective, a three-month, double-blind, randomized study of 34 women showed there was no significant difference in efficacy between 1.1 percent retinol and 0.025 percent prescription tretinoin. In short: Retinol really works.

According to our experts, over-the-counter “wrinkle creams” that don’t contain retinol are either just moisturizers or purporting to contain some sort of new wrinkle fighter that hasn’t been put through the rigorous studies that retinoids have.

Plus some AHAs

Alpha hydroxy acids, which are derived from fruits and milk, are the second most important weapon in the fight against wrinkles — multiple studies have shown their effectiveness in improving the look of aging skin. There are many AHAs in nature, but glycolic acid and lactic acid have the ability to penetrate skin, so those are the two they targeted to find the best wrinkle cream.

They work by dissolving lipids, the adhesive that clings to old, dead cells. A wrinkle forms when there’s a faulty repair of the skin and a short collagen bond happens instead of a long one. Our bodies just start making these kinds of mistakes as we get older, and alpha hydroxy acids get in there, break up the junk, and give your skin another shot at making the right bond between cells. These guys are exfoliation powerhouses, sloughing off old cells in favor of newer, younger-looking skin at the cellular level. If you’re looking to reverse signs of photoaging (like dark spots) as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines, AHAs are your best bet.

AHAs alone will do wonders for the appearance of your skin, but by selecting a product with both retinol and an AHA, you’re getting a two-fer: the best of clinically proven anti-aging ingredients.

And finally: hyaluronic acid.

Retinol and AHAs work behind the scenes targeting long-term results. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, will give you immediate benefits while you wait for those other guys to kick in. This acid is different than the ones in AHAs; it’s actually a humectant.

Humectants work by forcing water into cells and keeping it there — and hyaluronic acid (and its derivative, sodium hyaluronate) is the latest and greatest humectant out there. “There’s been a renaissance in skin care products, particularly topical ones, which now include a number of ingredients to improve wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is one of those ingredients now available topically,” says Dr. Diane Ford, a DC-area dermatologist and lecturer. A hyaluronic acid molecule can hold 800 to 1,000 times its weight in water, and it’s been engineered to the point that it can actually penetrate the epidermis rather than just sit on top. That immediate turbo-hydration helps skin look plumper and full of life, but it has longer-term benefits too, ranging from improved skin elasticity to reversing UV damage.

After running all 237 through what they considered a pretty easy wish list, guess how many passed muster? Four. Four! So they tossed three more to try out into the mix, making sure they contained at least retinol, but not necessarily AHAs or hyaluronic acid, and started having some fun.

They examined the packaging.

Anti-aging ingredients, especially vitamin A derivatives like retinol, are wildly sensitive to sunlight. UV rays can break them down immediately and render your hundred dollars of product completely ineffective. “Have you ever noticed how vitamins and prescription drugs are distributed in containers to protect from UV light? Those amber prescription bottles from CVS are amber for a reason!” says chemist Jennifer Reid.

They took each bottle or tub into a dark room and shone a flashlight through it to see if light could penetrate the container. (It felt like a kindergarten science project in all the best ways.) The top picks all passed this test — even the containers that looked transparent actually had an opaque liner. Well played.

Not so well-played was packaging that protects against contamination. Namely: tubs. Reid explains, “Sticking your fingers directly into the product can introduce bacteria, and open tubs also expose a large surface area of the product to oxygen.” Like UV rays, oxygen can degrade the effectiveness of our key ingredients. But bacteria is a whole other mess. Studies have shown contaminated beauty products contain nasty bacteria like staph and E. coli. How do they get in there? Your fingers. Yuck.

Who knows why 109 of our 237 contenders come in tubs, because it makes no sense whatsoever. (Maybe they’re all trying to look like La Mer?) Sure, you might wash your hands and face before applying your wrinkle cream, but what if you don’t get every particle of dirt out from under your nails? Boom: bacteria.

Of course there are ways around that. Some tubs come with applicators: little spoons that you’re supposed to use to take dollops of the product out. Maybe you’re the type that can always follow the rules (I’m not) — so while they didn’t declare tubs a deal breaker, they did consider it.

And tried them all on.

Was any smell off-putting? Did they hurt or sting in any way? Did they have any negative reactions? Keeping in mind that everyone’s skin is different and we all react to products in a unique way, so they looked for any glaringly obvious issues in the immediate aftermath of use. They  didn’t evaluate any product on its results — even the best wrinkle creams take around six months before results are visible. Those ingredients need time to do their thing. was pretty ticked that the best wrinkle cream is also the most expensive. (And honestly, so was I) We’re talking really expensive: over five times as much as any of our other top picks for slightly less product (only 1.35 oz). Come on. For $510, you can buy a roundtrip plane ticket to Cancun, where they sell prescription Retin-A in the airport for $35 (not that we’re recommending this…).

But La Prairie’s Cellular Power Charge Night has everything you want in an over-the-counter wrinkle cream: all three of the wishlist ingredients, plus a completely opaque bottle with a pump. The packaging has an otherworldly feel to it. It’s sleek, minimal, and futuristic. It looks like the wrinkle cream androids would use. The airless pump bottle means not only no contamination or oxygen degradation, but also that each portion is tightly controlled — you’re not at risk of over-serving by even a single drop.

Equally important as including all three ingredients is including enough of each. Retinol stood out here at spot 12 on the ingredient list — the second-highest of all the top picks, with Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum coming in first with retinol at number 11.

And the texture is sublime: It’s a very lightweight serum that absorbs instantly with no residue. One thing about these wrinkle treatments is that they can be drying, so there’s a temptation to add a heavy duty night cream on top. With the thicker wrinkle creams (like the ones we tested by Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Dennis Gross), it’s cream overkill, but La Prairie’s practically invisible formulation lends itself to layering.

The serum felt good, and it smelled clean and crisp. Best of all, they felt no irritation upon application or the following morning, which we couldn’t say about many of the other creams. With each of the other top picks they woke up feeling something. Not pain necessarily, but definitely tightness. Not so with La Prairie. This is probably due to the addition of plenty of plant-based oils, which packed the top of the ingredient list. The other top picks listed a jumble of unpronounceable “-xanes” and “-xides” before getting to our wrinkle fighters. Something about seeing words like jojoba and sunflower seed oil up top soothed their minds as well as their skin.

We searched and searched for other options that did wrinkle cream as well as La Prairie, but couldn’t. This one just nails it. A brief survey of eBay reveals that there’s a hot second market for it (or for knockoffs) — and we found it on Amazon for closer to $200 — so we’re not alone in thinking the price tag is simply ridiculous. Elle Magazine also notes its effectiveness in the face of a blinding price tag. If you have the cash, you can feel confident spending it here, but if you’re just a regular person and not a cartoon oil tycoon, there are more reasonable alternatives.

Runner-Up in the Wrong Packaging

This wrinkle fighter came in a package that looked the most medicinal of all those we tried: It’s in an amber-tinted pot and the logo is a little cross like you see outside of pharmacies. You may think that’s some marketing sleight of hand (“Ooh, this looks like it came from an old-timey apothecary! It must be good!”), but Dr. Dennis Gross packs a punch in terms of ingredients. Retinol shows up the lowest on its ingredients list out of our three top picks (around 20th), so it won’t be quite as efficacious as La Prairie, but it does include both glycolic and lactic acid (which Neutrogena lacks), plus a hyaluronic element. It feels luxurious going on — a little thinner than a night cream, a little thicker than a moisturizer — and has a pleasantly light citrus and lavender scent.

Now, for the bad news: It’s in totally the wrong packaging. There is a white plastic liner inside the pot so the cream isn’t getting exposed to light at all times — but what about when you open the container? If you can trust yourself to either thoroughly wash your hands or use a spoon to take the product out of its pot (and to only do that far away from any windows), we say it’s worth trying. After La Prairie, $72 feels like a steal, but be warned: You only get 1.7 ounces and portion control can be tricky without a pump.

Best Drugstore Wrinkle Cream

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum  was so happy to have found this stuff. The other drugstore pick, RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, did only so-so in our testing — which is especially surprising since the “R” in RoC stands for retinol. Out of Deep Wrinkle Night’s 35 ingredients, retinol was buried at 27th out of 35, and its best attempt at an AHA was 19th. “If you see the word ‘retinol’ listed in the first few ingredients, it will probably have a more significant effect. However, if it is listed as one of the last ingredients, it may not be as effective for anti-aging and wrinkles,” says Ford. When they realized they weren’t happy with any of the drugstore creams they’d been recommended, they set back out to CVS and read the ingredients list of literally every wrinkle fighter in the store to find a decent product for those of us with tighter budgets. (Yay!)

According to its box, Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum is new to market, and feels pretty sure this one is going to take off in a big way. Unfortunately, it lacks any AHAs — but it does include enough retinol and hyaluronic acid to be effective, and it comes in the right container. Best yet: It’s under $20.

It calls itself a serum, but the texture is more like a thin moisturizer — it’s quite creamy. That needn’t bother anyone too much, but if you’re a stickler for grammar, you might want to take a Sharpie to the packaging. The only other thing we disliked about it: its scent. The fragrance is strong. For a daytime treatment, that might be fine, but we’re not sure you’ll want to go to bed smelling like a perfume counter.

Curious about other wrinkle creams? That will be coming up in the next blog post – stay tuned!

Cleaning out Congested Pores

I can remember being obsessed with Biore and their pore patches for the nose when I was in high school and college. There was something satisfying about seeing the gunk that remained on the strips when they were pulled off.

While I admit I moved on to other things and ways to exfoliate over the years, there’s still something fascinating about those little strips. When Dr. Jart sent the Pore Master Patch 2-Step Pore Cleaning and Tightening Application, I was chomping at the bit to make time to try this out.


Sorry, I was so excited to get started, I didn’t take a picture first. But here is the packaging, which includes one dry patch (to place on your wet nose) and then a wet patch to use after the dry one has been removed.

I followed the directions, and placed the dry patch over my wet nose. And honestly, my nose didn’t look THAT congested as I’ve been using a daily exfoliater, so I wasn’t sure what the patch would pick up.

After the 10 minutes was up, I carefully pulled off the patch, and this is what I saw:PoreMasterPatch_webHOLY COW look at all those pores that got cleaned out! I was amazed and pleasantly surprised. After my shock wore off, I pulled out the second patch, which is wet and includes tea tree extract to help tighten those newly cleaned out pores. I will definitely be using these again. Lucky for you and I, they’re easily available at and you can buy a single pack ($7.50) or a pack of five ($35)

August Favorites!

August, you’ve come and gone, but I couldn’t ignore the favorites I discovered and continue to love throughout the month.

First and foremost: My feet. Let’s just say my heels are pretty much in bad shape all the time. Scratchy, scaly, rough heels are not attracting anyone. But using the Amope Pedi Perfect has made a huge difference. Used on dry skin, the rotating file grinds down the tough skin, leaving it smooth and ready for lotion. It’s not a one and done deal, but with regular use in between pedicures, you’ll be able to keep your feet looking nice and soft. It’s a little pricey, but if you think about how often you’ll use it, it’s worth the cost. You can find it anywhere from the grocery store to the drug store to probably even or Ulta.

Wrinkles – be gone! I’ve been lucky to not have many wrinkles, and I believe it’s due to the fact that I moisturize and use sunscreen daily. However, Caudalie’s Anti-wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream is a crazy duo that I really love. It’s a great moisturizer, and is safe for the tender skin around the eyes and the mouth. It’s not greasy – it melts into skin instantly, offering moisturizing benefits and skin plumping ingredients to keep eyes and lips looking youthful. Because let’s be honest, the crows feet and lip lines are a dead giveaway we’re not 19 anymore! Available at Sephora.

 Last but not least, I’ve found a line of makeup brushes that are reasonably priced, and work really well. They’re from the Drew Barrymore collection, FLOWER. I’m obsessed with the powder brush. It’s soft, picks up powder easily and places it evenly on the face. I can’t vouch for the longevity of the brush, but the prices are so reasonable, even if you only get 6 months to a year out of it, you’re in good shape. It’s definitely worth checking out. I think it’s important to save where you can, so you can splurge on that one item you can’t live without! The FLOWER line is available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

That’s all I’ve got for August favorites. Let me know if there’s anything else you’re dying to hear about. Happy to share and love to hear your comments.



Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares Drugstore Must Haves

When buying makeup and skincare at the drugstore, it is ideal to know when to splurge and when to save. Believe it or not, drugstores carry “cosmetic gems” and “skincare saviors,” according to Tomy Rivero, celebrity makeup artist. Tomy shares his favorite drugstore must haves that won’t break the bank:

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Liner
A great long lasting eye liner with an extra thin tip for a clean and sleek application and look, with a felt tip which allows for easy application, and won’t dull. Ideal for an everyday look or a dramatic cat eye for a night out.
ELF Studio Complexion Brush
Use this versatile brush with wet or dry powders or foundations. It works perfectly with any loose setting powder to create a flawless look

Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover
These cleansing pads remove makeup easily and are perfect for sensitive eyes and skin.The night calming formula leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Whether removing a full face of makeup or touching up a smudge, these removers are great.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
This face lotion is great for evening skin tone and eliminating dark spots. The SPF 15 protects skin all day long. The non oily lotion leaves skin ready for any makeup application


What are some of your coveted drugstore finds?

Riveros talents have been credited on the pages of coveted magazines, feature films and television as well as collaborations with New York Fashion Week.  Rivero has worked extensively with elite models including Dorota Kollova (Prada) and Arlenis Soso (Lancome).  Highly skilled in all areas of makeup, including hi def, runway, print, red carpet and body makeup, Rivero also works with celebrity clientele including Barbara Corcoran from NBC’s hit show, Shark Tank and Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones.

My Latest Labor of Love

I’m excited to share with you all my latest labor of love: my column in Atlanta Social Season Magazine ( This spread is all about creating that shimmery sun goddess look for these long, warm days.

Also, it’s important to protect your hair and skin, so they will be luminous from being healthy!

Here’s a direct link to my spread online: Shimmery Summer I hope you enjoy it!

June Favorites

It’s true! I’m actually compiling my June favorites on time! Are you as excited as I am? I’m pretty excited!

Alterna-dry-shampooFirst up is a new dry shampoo that I have really been enjoying – Alterna’s Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo (it comes in both Lemon Sugar and Bamboo Leaf – both smell great). I love this brand of dry shampoo because it’s practically translucent. Unless you go WAY overboard on it, you will not get that white cast that us dark headed beauties run into much of the time. So, that’s a definitely plus. It also helps with some body, but doesn’t feel unnatural as I’ve noticed with some other brands. You can find this baby at Sephora.

Next up – GlamGlow’s Bright Mud 3-minute eye treatment.


Please and thank you. Whether you’ve pulled an all-nighter, partied too hard, had an ugly crying session -it doesn’t matter. This 3 minute treatment will calm those nasty puffy under eyes and leave you feeling back to normal. And they’re small enough to carry with you, in case you need an emergency treatment! Just pat on, wait 3 minutes and gently wipe off. So easy. What did I do before these? Also available at Sephora. I’ve always been pretty good at protecting my face from too much sun. I guess that’s party of the reason that at 37 (soon to be 38), people mistake me for being much, much younger. A blessing and a curse – well, more of a blessing now.

Anyway, Skiskinc-physicalmatte50spfnceuticals Physical Matte SPF 50 cream is great. It helps keep your oil at bay (although, you will still sweat, gotta mention that!) and protects skin at SPF 50! Win-win!

You can wear this alone (it’s slightly tinted) or under your usual makeup. Definitely something to consider this summer. Available at

I’m in love with the new L’Oreal Le Matte Lipstick Pens. They have incredible L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Matte Lip Pen in Matte For Me L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Matte Lip Pen in Matte-r of Factpigmentation, a little moisture, a matte finish and while they may not be touted as “long wearing”, I think they do pretty well in that area, too. My favorite color is the bright pink. It makes me feel confident and sassy, and what could be wrong with that??

These are available now that it’s July! I’d stock up! Check your local drugstore  or other big box store that carries cosmetics.

That’s all I’ve got for my June favorites. I hope you enjoyed hearing what I’m loving right now, and perhaps are inspired to try one or more of these products yourself!


February Favorites

Hey everyone! It’s time for February Favorites. I’ve got some tried and true, plus some brand new favorites for you to check out!

1. The Aveda Institute
I love this place. You get great service from cut to color to highlights in a professional space, but performed by students either graduating in 6 months (mid-level) or 3 months (master level). The prices are unbelievable and they really listen to what you’re looking to do and make the magic happen. Of course, educators check-in and make sure things are running smoothly, but I’ve yet to encounter a problem.I was very happy with the price and the service. Definitely recommend!

2. AdvoCare SYS Day
I love a good day cream. One that hydrates without making skin feel greasy, has ingredients that are good for the skin, and can help keep wrinkles at bay. AdvoCare’s SYS Day lives up to it’s name Supplement Your Skin. Get yours here.

3. Nivea’s In-Shower Moisturizer
Ok, I was a little skeptical at first. I have super dry skin in the winter. Despite all my efforts to moisturize, I always ended up disappointed. But when I saw the commercial for this new product, I had to hunt it down. They have 3 versions, and I went ahead and got the one for very dry skin. After you cleanse your body, you rub this on the areas you want extra moisture (for me, arms and legs) and then rinse off, pat dry and go. It works! I could definitely tell the day of the shower, but also the next day. I love it. I think it will be great in the warmer months, too. You can find it in the lotion aisle.

That’s it for now, but don’t forget I’ll have a great eco-beauty spread in the next issue of Atlanta Social Season – Spring issue!

Travel Lightly

Traveling can be a pain these days with so many rules to follow from the TSA. And let’s not forget how many airlines charge you for checking even your first bag. How awful is it to have to check a bag at the last minute or have to throw one of your favorite products out? If you’re like me, there’s at least one splurge item in your beauty routine and it would hurt to have to leave it behind.

I’ve got some easy tips for making your travel light and hassle free.

First, I started with the Makeup Matte. It’s a great holder for brushes and other things like blushes, lipsticks and shadows. It rolls up and is easily thrown into your carry on bag.




Next, is shampoo and conditioner. But Brett, you say, the hotels generally have shampoo and conditioner in the rooms. And while that’s true, I would rather have my own and have enough for my long hair. So I took a small travel bottle, poured my shampoo into it and gave it a label. I didn’t have another bottle for conditioner, but I had lots of samples of good conditioners that I could make good use of. (Same goes for the LA Fresh makeup remover pads in the first image.)

Foundation is an easy one, because most bottles fall within the 3-4 oz allowance for carry on. I guess I’m just taking the moment to let you know how much I love Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation. (Did you know you can go to Sephora and they can match your skin with a foundation using a scanner? Pretty awesome technology).

Again, I know they have body wash and lotion, but I like the scents I use at home. So, by pulling from my travel sizes, I can continue to smell like myself no matter where I go. (Sorry guys, but this Dark Kiss from Bath & Body Works has been discontinued. Bummer.)

I know Molton Brown makes some small sizes as well and they smell delicious and luxurious. It’s all about what you’re used to or comfortable with.

And of course I have to brag on my all-time favorite brand of moisturizer and serum: AHAVA. The Time to Hydrate gel moisturizer is fantastic. It hydrates just enough without leaving your face all greasy. And the Dead Sea Osmotor serum has kept my face looking wrinkle free and smooth. I adore both and they’re both TSA approved to go in my carry on. YAY!

Last, but not least, I need a sunscreen that will pass, and Goldfaden’s Sun Visor is the perfect solution. It has a non aerosol spray and it’s  the perfect size. (and SPF 30)
Don’t forget to put all your liquids into a quart-sized Ziplock bag for easy inspection! And enjoy that trip!


Clarisonic: Hot Offer For Great Skin!

Clarisonic. You’ve heard of it, I’m sure. But maybe you’re not sure what the benefits are – I mean, let’s face it, we’ve been cleaning our face with soap, water and washcloth for years. And that seems to be working OK, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so, too. And then I was introduced to the Clarisonic. I was a changed woman. (and you can be, too!)

The Clarisonic is a sonic skin cleaning system that removes makeup, pollution and helps you fight the aging process. How much better is it than washing manually? Six times! That’s pretty amazing.

However, what sealed the deal for me is the way my face felt after just the first use. It was clean, it was soft, and my serum and moisturizer sunk in so much faster. It was a revelation! $15 off $75 purchaseNow that I’ve been using the Clarisonic for over a month, my skin just keep getting better. Less breakouts (yes, I have adult acne, especially during THAT time of the month), less dry patches (OK maybe no dry patches anymore), which has resulted in a much nicer appearance both with and without makeup. And at 36, it’s nice to be able to go without makeup and not feel like a hot mess.

You can get the Clarisonic at many retailers, but is running a coupon to save you $15 of a $75 purchase. There are several models of Clarisonic, but I believe the $99 Mia, is great and is what I use.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying the Clarisonic out, now is a great way to check it out at a less expensive price.

Do you have a Clarisonic? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with it!