Match Co. Custom Foundation – First Impression

I have to say, I was pretty excited to try the MatchCo app.

Match Co. App

By utilizing the camera on your smartphone, MatchCo takes images of your skin on both sides of you wrist, your cheeks, and your forehead.

It’s definitely easy to use, and the idea of having a fully customized foundation, complete with your name on the bottle sounds pretty awesome and revolutionary.

You must be makeup-free to do the scans, and you will also need to calibrate your phone before scanning. It’s super easy and the voice walks you through each step.

Once you’ve finished your scans, it gives you the option to purchase for $49, plus shipping (free if you choose Priority Mail – that’s a quick turnaround!)

If your foundation arrives, and for some reason it’s not a perfect match (mine was not – I believe it’s due to the redness in my cheeks – don’t worry, you can return it within 30 days and try again.

I think this is a great way to purchase foundation if you don’t have too much redness in your face – that seems to throw everything off balance. But for pale, even, less red skin tones, I believe you will be pleased. If not, there’s nothing to lose!


Maui Babe – First Impression



I’ve seen the bottle several times while perusing at Ulta. Maui Babe’s Browning Lotion offers attractive claims, such as “Fast Dark Tan”, “Aloe Prevents Burning” and on and on. Somehow, it seemed to good to be true.

Then one day I was minding my business, shopping for groceries and I spot it. Gotta say I was surprised. And it was the last bottle. So, I took the plunge and brought it home with me, knowing I would be at The Cloister very soon and there would be lots of sun. I was a little excited to see what would happen.

The bottle says first timers should limit sun exposure to one hour. So by the pool in Sea Island, I covered my pale legs with this browning lotion. Heads up, it’s brown. And it gets on your hands. Not a bronzer, but you’ll need to wash your hands afterwards.

It smells faintly of coffee and something else, but is not offensive. Once rubbed in, I looked at the time on my phone and soaked up the sun. At some point I did get in the pool, however the bottle says it’s water resistant. The way the water beaded up on my arms and legs, I’d say that’s true.

I ended up staying in the sun for an hour and a half. My legs looked red. I was a little concerned, I must admit. But at this point, what could I do? So I waited. And guess what? Within a few minutes of being out of the sun, the redness was gone and my legs were brown. I’m impressed.

Funny side story: I didn’t use Maui Babe on my face. I used another brand that claimed to have 15SPF with a bronzer. Guess what? My face got too much sun and was red for a few days. How ironic!

All in all, I’m pleased with Maui Babe and will be using it all summer. So next time you see it, pick it up and try it for yourself. I believe you’ll be happy with the results!

April Favorites

It’s that time again when I let you know the products I’ve been loving. I’d love to hear if you’ve been enjoying anything special yourself. Feel free to leave a comment below.

  1. Make Up For Ever’s Sens’Eyes Eye and Lip Cleanser is such a great product for removing even the longest wearing eyeliner, mascara, shadow and lip products.The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that it isn’t greasy/oily like some eye makeup removers can be. And, a little goes a long way. I’ve actually been using the travel size for many months now (you can find that at Sephora stores and maybe on their website. The travel I believe is $10 and the full size (100ml) is $25.
  2. Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Cake Walk has become a favorite go-to when I want a little color and shine, or just want something on my lips so they aren’t dry. Yes, it’s a volumizing formula, but it doesn’t have that distinct tingle that similar products of yesteryear had. No stinging or hotness at all. There is a tiny bit of shimmer, but it’s not overkill and it’s very fine. You could comfortably use this during the day and on into the night. One of the best things is the price: $6! You can find it at your local Walmart store, or on the Walmart website. With the price so low, you could definitely splurge and buy a couple of shades.
  3. Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder isn’t new, or new to me. I had used it in the past, but for some reason, stopped using it and was using something else. I’ve recently rekindled my love for this bronzer because it’s so great for contouring.  It’s natural looking, and blends out beautifully. You can build the color up as much as your like, or have just a sheer wash of color, depending on your skin tone.  If you’ve used it before, you know what I’m talking about.  Of course there are deeper and lighter shades, if needed, but this has become a cult classic.  You can pick up the regular size for $39 dollars.However, if you adore this product as much as I do, you’re in luck! There’s a limited edition version that is much larger and fragranced with Tiare flower. It smells delicious and comes with its own perfectly shaped brush. You can pick this beauty up online and definitely in a NARS Boutique, but I’m not sure about Sephora. It’s $59 which I think is a steal!It’s a short and sweet list this time, but these are the products that really stood out for me and I hope you get a chance to give them a try.

Cleaning out Congested Pores

I can remember being obsessed with Biore and their pore patches for the nose when I was in high school and college. There was something satisfying about seeing the gunk that remained on the strips when they were pulled off.

While I admit I moved on to other things and ways to exfoliate over the years, there’s still something fascinating about those little strips. When Dr. Jart sent the Pore Master Patch 2-Step Pore Cleaning and Tightening Application, I was chomping at the bit to make time to try this out.


Sorry, I was so excited to get started, I didn’t take a picture first. But here is the packaging, which includes one dry patch (to place on your wet nose) and then a wet patch to use after the dry one has been removed.

I followed the directions, and placed the dry patch over my wet nose. And honestly, my nose didn’t look THAT congested as I’ve been using a daily exfoliater, so I wasn’t sure what the patch would pick up.

After the 10 minutes was up, I carefully pulled off the patch, and this is what I saw:PoreMasterPatch_webHOLY COW look at all those pores that got cleaned out! I was amazed and pleasantly surprised. After my shock wore off, I pulled out the second patch, which is wet and includes tea tree extract to help tighten those newly cleaned out pores. I will definitely be using these again. Lucky for you and I, they’re easily available at and you can buy a single pack ($7.50) or a pack of five ($35)

MTV Movie Awards – Gigi Hadid – Get The Look

Gigi-Hadid_MTV-Awards-lowGigi Hadid looked stunning on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards. The Maybelline spokesperson was perfection with a look created by Sarah Tanno.

Let’s break it down:
Tanno wanted to give a nod to Donatella Versace’s signature black-rimmed eye, but with a twist. Here’s what she wore (all Maybelline products):

Face: Dream Velvet Foundation all over, then Fit Me! Concealer in a lighter shade down the nose and under the eyes to brighten them. This was followed by a quick dusting of Facestudio Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Powder in Translucent, to set things in place.

Blush & Contour: Tanno used Facestudio Master Contour Face Contouring Pro Palette in Deep to Medium in the hollows of cheeks (show me your fish face!) and temples. Blush was added to the apples of cheeks, accompanied by a highlight along the high point of the cheekbones. Gorgeous!

Brows: (You know this is important) Tanno used Eyestudio Brow Pomade Crayon in Blonde, followed by Eyestudio Brow Drama Mascara in Blonde to set hairs in place.

Eyes: Eyestudio Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon in Barely Beige was placed all over the lid to act as a base, while Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil in Soft Nude was placed along the waterline for a wide-awake and fresh look. To smoke it out, the outer half and bottom lash lines were edged in Eyestudio Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon in Charcoal Chrome and the matte black shade from The Rock Nudes Palette was blended into the crease. For a fun, edgy look, neon yellow pigment was brushed on the upper lids and inner corners of the eyes.

Lashes: Adding a couple of coats of Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara in Blackest Black gave eyes major drama.
Lips: A nude lip balanced out the dramatic eye, so Tanno lined and filled in the mouth with Color Sensation Lip Liner in Nude before adding Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill and Color Sensation The Buffs Lipstick in Bare All.

What do you think? Is this a look you would rock? Have you used these products? I’d love to hear your comments below.

NARS BLKR 413 Preview

I was lucky enough to preview the new NARS boutique store at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta this week. This is only the eighth boutique in the United States, so it was quite a treat.

If you’re in Atlanta, and you love NARS Cosmetics, take an afternoon and check it out. The natural light is incredible and the staff are all very highly trained makeup artists.

As a thank you gift, I received the new NARS 413 BLKR Cheek & Lip Palette. Goodness, it’s something special. With three blushes and a bronzer, plus a velvet matte pencil, this is a stunning collection – universally appealing to every skin tone.

So, lets jump in!


The outer box is sturdy, typical NARS packaging and the palette itself is the same, but a little thicker than single shade blushes. You could still throw this in your bag if you’re not carrying a clutch.

BLKRopenInside, you can see the three blushes, all incredibly blendable, (NARS blushes are extremely pigmented, so a heavy hand is not needed)

From left you have new Blasphemy Blush and Ferocious Blush combined with 413 BLKR blush and iconic Laguna Bronzing Powder.

But Founder François Nars didn’t stop there. He also included 413 BLKR Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. This gorgeous hot pink shade looks great on everyone I’ve seen. It’s bold and sexy. It attracts attention and it’s perfect for spring and summer.

Since it’s a matte lip pencil it stays on pretty well. You can use it as a liner and add a gloss on top, or you can wear it alone. I prefer to use it all on its own.

Here’s a swatch so yoNARSswatchu can get an idea of how these colors look on skin. The powders all have what I call a “micro” shimmer, it’s very subtle. And look at that lip color – gorgeous!

The 413 BLKR Cheek & Lip Palette will be available beginning June 1 for $59, exclusively at NARS boutiques and online at

February Favorites

It’s once again that time of the month for me to share with you the beauty products I’ve been loving on.

  1. Clinique Sweet PotsCandid Cassis Sweet Pot

These little cuties are so great! Unscented, one side has a sugar scrub to use for soft, supple lips, while the other side has a burst of color like the one here in Candid Cassis. You can see the bottom side has the grainy texture, while the top side is creamy lip balm. The whole line is really beautiful and they’re all really light on color, so don’t expect a big color payoff. That’s not what these babies were designed to do. But they fit in a pocket, purse or whatever you carry, so you’ll never be without. At $19.50 a piece, I wouldn’t call them outrageously expensive, but more than a drugstore brand. (They may also have Black Honey, a cult favorite!)

2. Kerastase Elixer Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil
You may be thinking, “Oil, on my hair? No way!”, but hear me out! Heat styling is very damaging to hair. The oils in the Elixer help protect hair and give it that shine that you get from the salon.

It can also be used after dry shampoo to put a little shine back into the ends of hair.

Best part? It is great for fine to normal hair! It even helps increase the size of the hair shaft, giving hair more volume.  OK, maybe the best part is the smell; it’s lovely.

3. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of a freshly exfoliated face. It just makes me feel refreshed and my makeup goes on much more easily. However, they say you should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Not enough for me! I like an everyday exfoliation and I’ve found it in Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser. Tourmaline is gentle enough to use each day, and the formula is moisturizing, so your skin doesn’t overproduce oil (because who wants that?)

Alright, my dears, that’s all I have for February – let me know in the comments below if you’d like to also hear about UNFavorites. If you want it, I’d love to share with you, so let me know if you do.


Hello Kitty by OPI

From top, clockwise: Kitty White, Look at my Bow!, Small + Cute =, Spoken from the Heart, Let’s be Friends!, and Charmmy and Sugar.

OPI partnered with Hello Kitty for a collection they call Hello Kitty for OPI. These fun, happy, cute colors are the epitome of everything Hello Kitty stands for.

There are 12 colors in the collection and OPI was kind enough to send me six of those colors, as shown in the image below. All are definitely a shade of pink, which I like for spring, don’t you?

I couldn’t wait to test them out and find my favorite color(s). Here’s a swatch of the four pinks (in the same order as the image above:


I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and the colors I thought might be my favorites were different than I expected. I really like the ones in the middle – and the lightest pink (white), Let’s be Friends!, I could see wearing with a black and white outfit.

Now on to the shimmers – they surprised me a little bit Charmmy and Sugar stood out with the slight pink hue and colored glitter as you can see on my ring finger. However, Kitty White (on my pinky),


was almost non-existent looking. So I thought, hey, let’s try this as a top coat on one of the other pinks. YES! This took Spoken from the Heart from a pretty pink to a party pink. I love the fine shimmer of Kitty White, but it really needs a canvas of color underneath it to really do it justice.


Have you tried this collection from OPI? Which brand of nail polish is your go-to polish? I love hearing from you all and learning the things that work and don’t work for you. You all often teach me things and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you!

Now I’ve got to run take off these six different nail polish colors before I run into anyone I know!

Sneak Peek: Obsessive Cosmetics Magnetic Fields Collection

Coming out tomoLipTar-NEW_Magnoliarrow! The Magnetic Fields collection from OCC, The cult-favorite line is releasing six limited-edition Lip Tars in some fun and funky colors.

Embrace your BOLD side with colors such as (from top to bottom)

Magnolia – a warm coral punch coloLipTar-NEW_LilyLipTar-NEW_Indridr. Really pretty.

Lily – a true lavender that is so popular right now.

Indrid – a bubblegum pink duochrome. You’ll see some grey undertones with this one.

Rime – a light teal color infused with gold shimmer.

Artifact – A mix of crimson and brick with a copper pearl.

And last, but certainly not least…

Wasabi – this probably needs no explaining, but it’s an opaque incredibly LipTar-NEW_Rimebright chartreuse. Not for the faint of heart.

At $16 a pop, I think they’re generally accessible to have at least one. Or at least start with one. 🙂

You can pick these up in the morning at,,, andLipTar-NEW_Artifact

Which color are you most interested in trying? Leave me a message in the comments.


January Favorites

Hi you all! Please forgive me as I’ve moved my blog to wordpress and am having trouble with importing the images in the old posts. Crossing my fingers that I can figure out what’s going on.

But, let’s get to why we’re here (and why you’re taking time out of your day to read) January Favorites!

wild-fuchsia-avedaAveda Lipstick in Wild Fuchsia

Normally I wouldn’t pick such a bright shade for my lipstick, but I saw someone wearing it and decided to give it a try. It’s gorgeous. The best way I can describe it is a medium red with medium pink mixed in. I seriously believe this color would look great on everyone.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

I began wearing this around the holidays and I honestly can’t tell you how often I get compliments when I’m wearing it. It goes on easily, doesn’t flake off during the day, and really does leave you with a more opened eye look. Good mascara is hard to find, y’all!

Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish in Uptown

I love this brand and I love this color. A nude nail is so pretty and sophisticated, but I do not have the palest of skin, so when I go to the classic nudes, they look funky on me. This is a little bit darker of a nude, which looks amazing on slightly darker skin.

It has been my experience that Nails Inc. polishes have a longer wearing time than other brands. They are one of my go-to brands when I need a pretty nail!

What have you been loving? I’d love to hear your comments!