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Makeup Brushes that are out of this world…

There are so many great makeup brushes on the market today. And yes, you can find them in all price points, from inexpensive Wet ‘n’ Wild, moderately priced Real Techniques and so many others. Artis Digit series fall under the more expensive category, but I believe they are worth their hefty price. Why, you ask? Let’s discuss.

  1. They are super soft. They may be the softest brushes I own.  And that, in my opinion, makes them easier to blend for softer looks (which I am often drawn to). While I wouldn’t be able to do a look with a cut crease with these (maybe you could!), but aside from that, I have zero complaints.
  2.  They don’t suck up a ton of product. While I have loved a BB for years – I hated how much they sucked up my precious, precious makeup. These brushes are so very different. A little product goes a long way. For example, in this half makeup, half bare face pic, I only needed a few drops of foundation ( I use NARS, so it was like a 1/4 of a pump to get this kind of coverage) and as you can clearly see, I have a lot of red in my skin.
  3. They are great when you are in a hurry. Most days, I cannot afford the time to spend hours on my makeup, so being able to get out the door in a reasonable amount of time is important to me. I did this look in about 15 minutes, using only Artis Digit Series brushes. I am saving so much product that I can barely contain my excitement!Which are your favorite brushes that you wouldn’t want to live without? I’d love to hear.