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Filthy Fragrance for the New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is going to be the best year for each and every one of you! In the spirit of the New Year, I thought it might be fun to explore new fragrances (sometimes we need a change), and a great, discount place to buy them! I love, love, love a good deal! One of my resolutions this year is to not pay retail if at all possible!

With free shipping on orders over $59, this site is a steal! Here are a few of the fragrances I’m interested in, that are new, classic or something I think you might be interested in! Here goes!


Retail price: $90
Filthy Fragrance Price: $48.99

Aqva Divina is the first feminine fragrance from the Bvlgari Aqva collection, which has so far included only masculine scents. Bvlgari Aqva Divina came out in February 2015, inspired by Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus, so it’s still a relatively new fragrance. The fragrance is announced as very bright and sensual.

Its floral-aquatic composition signed by perfumer Alberto Morillas opens with aromas reminiscent of the salty sea; there are accords of bergamot, salt crystals and red ginger. Magnolia and quince form the heart of the perfume, which is followed by the base of beeswax, precious woods and amber.

So in general terms, this is going to be a slightly floral fragrance, with a sensual undertone. Perfect for this time of the year. Warm and inviting.


Retail price: $300
Filthy Fragrance price: $159

I’m obsessed with Bond No. 9 fragrances. They are all so unique and named after different neighborhoods of New York. But they’re expensive. Too expensive to try many. But this is almost 50% off! And they have LOTS of other fragrances available. Some unisex, some perfumes and some colognes. A personal favorite is Montauk or Coney Island.

Now Hamptons isn’t a brand new scent – it was launched in 2005. But it has staying power because of its name and the light crisp citrus notes with a hint of floral and a creamy dry down finish.

Retail price: $79
Filthy Fragrance Price: $30

This is a rich, sultry fragrance. With notes of bergamot, cardamom, cinnamon, pineapple, Turkish rose, jasmine, may blossom, orange blossom, heliotrope, woods, amber, musk chocolate, raspberry and peach.

Another fragrance perfect for this time of year because it is so warm and inviting. And let’s face it, you can’t beat the price. A classic.

Still looking for your favorite? Click the banner below to browse all that Filthy Fragrance has to offer. I hope you’ll be as pleased as I am! Happy New Year!


My Burberry: Prestige at its finest

Burberry – with its iconic trench coat and gabardine knot, has created another prestigious Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette- My Burberry.

A contemporary floral, with the heart of Rose and Geranium Leaf. While this sounds like the floral of your mother’s era; it’s not. The overall feel of My Burberry is fresh and clean, as if there had been a recent rain, as notes of Rain-tipped Damask, Patchouli and Golden Quince round out the scent.

As if the bottle and its beauty wasn’t enough, you’re now able to make it your own with the monogramming service available at myburberry.com

Read more details  of this delightful fragrance at poshglam.com

Soapy Fun with Van der Hagen

I love these glycerin soaps from Van der Hagen. (www.vdhent.com) They’re handmade, clean exceptionally well with lots of good for your skin ingredients and have fragrances suited for everyone (and even a fragrance free!)
They remind me of the beloved glycerin soaps from Bath & Body Works. How I loved those soaps! They are hard to find and pretty much retired now, so when I got the opportunity to try the Van der Hagan soaps, I was excited. Fruity is my favorite! It lathers great, smells amazing, like a juicy fresh mandarin with maybe a hint of mango. Heaven in a bar!
Get these for yourself or an awesome stocking stuffer. With the four scents, Fruity, Floral, Fresh and Free, there truly is a scent for everyone, even those with sensitive skin. 
You can pick a bar (or more) up at your local CVS or Walgreens or you can check out the list of online retailers on the Van der Hagen website.

Choosing a Fragrance

Il Bacio

It may sound simple, but it actually takes a little work to find the perfect fragrance for you. A fragrance is broken down into three components that together, make the accord or scent profile.

Top Notes (head) – are the notes you smell as you first spray the perfume. These notes last for only 10-20 minutes.

Middle Notes (heart) – appear 10-20 minutes in, just as the top notes are fading out. These notes will last approximately 3-6 hours on the skin.

Base Notes (dry down) – you’ll begin to notice them a half hour in and these notes can stay with you for up to 24 hours.

Perfume is a very personal purchase. We have memories associated with certain fragrances which of course, will affect our choice. But we also have to consider our body chemistry and the fact that fragrances will change slightly once in contact with our skin, and fragrances smell different on each and every body.

Viva La Juicy

So – how do you go about choosing a perfume right for you?

Start with what you know – is there a certain perfume you have worn before or like on someone else? Start there. Chances are, you will probably choose a new fragrance in the same category as something you have worn (and liked) before.

I’ll use an example of my own. Back in college, I wore a perfume called Il Bacio by Borghese. It falls into the fruity/floral categories with an oriental feel in the dry down. It was a scent I wore for years and probably the first fragrance that I really loved. I still wear it every once in awhile. I get complements on it almost every time I wear it.

More recently, I have worn Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture –  believe I found it by browsing the fragrance counter and really enjoying it. It’s also a floral with a gourmand base or dry down.

I’ve noticed that I gravitate to fragrances that begin bright and dry down more oriental or gourmand.

Here is a list from www.fragrantica.com that I found to be informative and helpful in deciphering the different groups of fragrances. The characters will help you when choosing a new fragrance. For example, if a fragrance is described as “outdoorsy and fresh” is ging to be an aromatic herbaceous scent. Where as something “warm and sensual” is likely to be a heavier oriental.

Aldehydic perfumes contain chemicals belonging to the aldehyde group. Character: pure and fresh. Example: Chanel N°5 (Chanel)
Aromatic perfumes are made of various herbs, e.g. rosemary, basil or thyme. Character: outdoorsy and fresh. Example: Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca (Guerlain)
Aquatic perfumes will have a base of synthetic ingredients that evoke the sea, mountain air or fresh linen. Character: clean and modern. Example: L’Eau d’Issey” (Issey Miyake)
Citrus/fruity perfumes include bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, sweet orange and fruits such as peach, red berries, watermelon, etc. Character: fresh and light. Example: Dior Addict 2 (Dior)
Floral perfumes contain flower extracts, such as rose, lily or jasmine. Character: sweet and delicate. Example: Pure Poison (Dior)
Green perfumes, formerly known as chypres, are made of bergamot, labdanum, patchouli and oakmoss. Character: woody and floral. Example: Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel) 
Gourmand perfumes contain notes like vanilla and tonka bean, chocolate or caramel. Character: sweet and edible. Example: Delices (Cartier)
Oriental perfumes have a base of amber, musks, vanilla and other exotic plants. Character: warm and sensual. Example: Dior Addict (Dior)

Woody perfumes are made of woods such as cedar, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Character: earthy and masculine. Example: Mediterranean (Elizabeth Arden)
Once you have a place to start go explore the fragrance counter of your local department store or Ulta store. Pick 3-5 that you like and ask if they have a sample you can take home. If you decide to try one, make sure you just try one and try it on clean skin. One spritz on the inside of the wrist and elbow and that’s it! You won’t know for a couple of hours how it dries on your skin. Let the fragrance develop and you’ll know if you’re close to a new signature scent or not.

Clean up for Summer with these marine-inspired products

How do I love H20+’s newest line of body care products in Sea Moss and Sea Salt? Let me count the ways…

1. The first thing you notice is the SMELL. It’s amazingly light and fresh with the scent of water lily and marine accords. Heavenly!

2. All of the H20+ line is great for your skin – whether you’re using the body wash to cleanse, the body scrub or skin smoother to exfoliate, soften or smooth, or the delicious body butter to moisturize and hydrate. They use ingredients like sea fennel, sea lettuce, black sand and mineral rich algae to pamper skin with things found in the sea.

3.The products work great together – wash, exfoliate and moisturize and all still light enough for you to include your favorite fragrance on top.

Definitely give these products a try – you won’t regret it! They’re available online at www.h20plus.com