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NYFW: Cynthia Rowley and Dermelect ME

Photographer Credit: Fred Namdar   

 ‘Moonbow’ Nail Design Created by Celebrity Manicurist Elle for Dermelect ‘ME’ at the Cynthia Rowley Fall 2014 Presentation on Wednesday, February 12th at the Diamond Horseshow in NYC.

“Cynthia’s key word describing the inspiration of her collection was ‘moonbows,’ a reflection on the romanticism of her sporty chic line for the Fall 2014 season,” says Elle. “Representing a rainbow of darker shades not using any primary colors, we layered two shades from the same color family on one nail, beginning with a darker red, to orange, yellow, green, indigo and purple to achieve the perfect ‘moonbow’.”


Oh My! I don’t know what I had been waiting for! I got my nails shellac’d yesterday and it’s amazing! It’s similar to the gel nail polish in that in lasts for up to two weeks and uses your own nails. No acrylics needed! And it gives the nail strength which is a God-send for me, because I’m so rough with my nails and break them all the time! I am hoping this will help that problem and that I can keep it up to have a nice, manicured hand all the time now.

It’s a little more expensive than a regular manicure, but only by about $5. And with the extra time you get between visits to the salon, I definitely think it’s worth it. While there aren’t TONS of colors to choose from, they have a variety of colors and shades that will appeal to most. For me, red was perfect, though I’m already planning my next trip and the color I will get!

Have you tried this yet? What was your experience?