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Considering a Wrinkle Cream?

We recently discussed reviews.com’s quest to find the very best in wrinkle creams, and the top three, but for those of you looking for something more or different, here are some additional findings:

Other Wrinkle Creams to Consider

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Night and Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme. Packaging aside (more pots — we feel like a broken record) we liked both of these anti-wrinkle creams well enough. Un-Wrinkle has the most retinol (listed 12th) as well as some glycolic acid, but you’ll be shelling out over $100 for 1 oz of product that doesn’t have any coveted hyaluronate. Its counterpart, the Cellular Creme, is a more affordable $85 for 1.7 oz, but unsurprisingly its retinoid is much lower in the ingredients list and its hyaluronate is nearly last.

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night ($80). It contains our three wishlist ingredients (although it has the least retinol of all our top picks) and is comparable in size and price to Dr. Dennis Gross, but the Ultimate Miracle Worker had some downsides. Denatured alcohol as one of the first ingredients which is ultra-drying in the bad way, plus you have to stir little “pearls” into the cream to “activate” it when you first open it — so gimmicky!

“Retinol is a truly effective wrinkle reduction treatment. It is much better to have a product with retinol than without it.” Dr. Diane Ford, MDDSF Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology

December Favorites – A List from Mimi

Mimi at 98

Yikes! I got really off track with my blog after my grandmother Mimi passed. It was a sad time for our family, as we had collectively decided Mimi would live forever. It just wasn’t meant to be.

In honor of her, I will dedicate my December favorites to the things that Mimi taught me about beauty and skin care.

1. Drink Water
Yep, good ol’ H2O does wonders for your skin. Keeps it hydrated, fends off wrinkles – all the things we want. How much water? Mimi always said drink 8 glasses a day.

Her skin looked great into her 90’s, so how can I argue with that? There’s nothing better than a dewy, fresh complexion, and hydration is the way to get there.

She would say to drink it plain,but I might need to add a squeeze of citrus juice in it. 

2. Wear SPF
Protect that delicate skin with an SPF. I cannot recall how many times Mimi would “get on me” about using sunscreen. So many times! I usually listened, but not all the time, which now I wish I had! Today it’s easier than ever to include in your daily routine. Many moisturizers, foundations and other products made specifically for the face contain SPF, so it’s not necessary to add an extra step.  The one I’m using now is Dr. Lewinn’s BB Cream. It contains an SPF 15. If you have very fair skin, you might want to use a higher SPF.

3. Moisturize
Mimi always said she used Pond’s on her skin every night before bed. While Pond’s may be a little old school, her message was clear. Keep skin moisturized overnight. A night cream is a great way to do this – a night cream called a “sleeping mask” just sounds better. Good thing it works. Peter Thomas Roth’s Camu Camu Sleeping Mask is packed full of Vitamin C and other nutrients to replenish your skin while you snooze. Just apply a thin layer before bedtime and rinse off in the morning. No worries, it’s not greasy at all.

4. Add Some Color
Everyone looks healthier, therefore prettier in a little color. Mimi always wore jewel-toned tops and for special occasions, she’d add a bit of Revlon’s Fire and Ice lipstick. It always made her look vibrant and put together. A little lipstick goes a long way. You don’t have to go dramatic and choose red – any pink or peach shade you like will do. I’ve been enjoying the Palladio lip liner in Rockin’ Red, topped with a gloss. It always gives me a little perk and polishes off my look.

I hope these tips prove useful in your life, as they were in my Mimi’s and the rest of our family. Here’s to the start of some great new habits and a wonderful 2014!