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Skincare in your 40’s and 50’s

Quick Tips for Skincare in your 40s and 50s
In your forties and fifties, you are most likely not working crazy hours at the office and the kids are almost, if not already out of the house. This means more time to spend on yourself, and specifically your skin. Enter Dr. Amy Wechsler, acclaimed dermatologist and psychiatrist, who advises slews of patients in their forties and fifties on all things skin and sanity.
Here, she shares her top tips:
Skincare in your 40s:

·         Wrinkles are a main concern for patients in their forties. Talk to your doctor about a topical retinoid prescription, these have been shown to help increase collagen production leading to firmer skin.

·         This particular decade can be challenging for many as anxiety levels and mental health issues tend to rise significantly. Incorporating good exercise habits into your everyday routine is vital during this time. Try yoga combined with meditation for thirty minutes to one hour every day. This exercise promotes breathing and positive mental health, which lead to a happier lifestyle.

·         Branch out and experiment with new ingredients! Try Niacinamide, which is a component of vitamin B3, is known to prevent skin from losing water content and encourage circulation. This anti-aging ingredient is also linked to lightening skin discolorations and reducing acne.

Skincare in your 50s:

·         As you age, skin has a difficult time maintaining its moisture. Consider incorporating safflower oil into your daily beauty routine. Slather on after the shower to prevent super-scaly legs, or use as a deep conditioning treatment in your hair. Best of all, the ingredient won’t break the bank and can be found at most grocery and health food stories.

·         In your fifties, brown spots are guaranteed to make an appearance on your skin. A popular way of dealing with them is through laser treatment. Talk to your doctor about options that will work best for your skin. In addition, applying sunscreen daily is an effective way to keep them from reappearing.

  Many of my patients also complain that during this decade, falling to sleep can be a challenge. Catching your zzz’s is critical to allow your skin time to repair and rest. In addition to deep breathing exercises, and of course, unplugging from all electronics at least thirty minutes before bed, you can also snack your way to sleep. Reach for item such as whole wheat crackers and goat cheese, a banana with one teaspoon of nut butter or a small bowl of whole grain cereal with low-fat skim milk.

Spring Break – Protect your Skin

It’s finally here! Spring – and with it comes warmer temperatures and for many of you, spring break! Treat your skin with care and protect it from the damaging rays of the sun with some of the newest and best products on the market today.

Kid Friendly
I know as a kid I hated it when I had to put on sunscreen – that thick white lotion took forever to skin into my skin and I wanted to get back into the water or the sun. Kids today have so many new and wonderful options that won’t put them on the sidelines for long.

These Hello Kitty sunscreen sprays are perfect for kids. They offer 30 or 50 SPF and come in fun scents like Pineapple and Kiwi – no kid will be able to resist. Even wiggle worms will be covered in no time with a few sprays that work on both dry and wet skin.
Face Friendly
Your pretty face needs protection, but please don’t slather body sunscreens on it. Use something specifically for the face, like La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios 30. It’s a cooling water-lotion that will protect and refresh skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts. Because let’s face it, a breakout is never wanted! I love this because it melts into skin almost immediately, leaving no residue behind.

A Little Bronzing
Unless you’ve been tanning all winter (and really, is that good for your skin?) your legs might be a little pasty for spring break. No worries. Australian Gold offers sunscreen (15-30SPF) with bronzer to protect and add a hint of color so you won’t blind everyone when you step out into the sun for the first time this year. Bonus: It smells great, too.

After Sun
Mistakes happen. Did you get a little too much sun? Even if skin just feels tight and itchy, Alba Bontanica’s Very Emollient After Sun Lotion will soothe, hydrate and replenish skin. Made from 85% aloe vera and no parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances, you can feel good about putting this on anyone in the family.

Summertime Dos and Don’ts

This is some great information with fun solutions to summer wardrobe conundrums. My friends at Fresh Produce and I have some super savvy advice when it comes to beating the heat, in style. You can thank us now…

1.    Don’t commit accessory blunders
Put those suede boots back in the closet! Make sure accessories are appropriate by paying attention to color, weight and style. Remember to keep it light, airy and fun. (Take the time to get a proper pedicure to start the season off right – take your manicurist your own polish and then touch ups at home will be easy!)
Do match your accessories to the season
Summer scarves like the Island Floral Scarf ($29) by Echo make great headbands to keep flyaway hairs at bay. They even dress up casual skirts or shorts when worn as a belt or sash.  Summer is also a great time for fun and whimsical accessories like the Silver Starfish Necklace ($24), Crystal Starfish Bracelet ($19), and the Blue fish Pendant Necklace ($24).
2.    Don’t let the heat determine your hemline
Hotter temperatures shouldn’t automatically mean less clothing. Let your summer outfit choices reflect your personality with color and patterns. If “daisy dukes” aren’t for you, don’t wear them! Try a pretty printed maxi dress or versatile and lightweight roll-up pants. (And this is where a nice faux glow will come in handy)
Do wear clothes that make you look and feel fabulous
If short shorts aren’t for you, try something that’s back in style this summer: the Bermuda short! The Gigi Pedal Pusher ($69) comes in an exclusive palette of bright colors and is a great active short for summer fun. Skorts are back on the “what to wear” list, too. The City Skort ($54) feels like casual wear, but looks like a great all-occasion summer skirt, making it our go-to choice this summer.  
Description: 130308_ASSSNPS-FSA_ATHCMCS-FSA_APPGIGI-TWI_0012.jpg
3.    Don’t let wardrobe malfunctions cramp your summer style
The biggest summer-fashion mishap on our list: the peak-a-boo bra strap. Too many summer tanks and dresses leave room for unwelcome strap appearances. (And while it may look good on models or actresses, trust me; no one at your kids camp or the grocery store is interested in what kind of bra you’re wearing today.)
Do choose summer items with considerate details
Tanks like the Horizon Cowlneck Tank ($39) and Layering Tank ($34) are cute to prevent the dreaded “strap slide.” Even the flattering Dragonfly Impromptu Dress ($89) with its open back is cut to be “no fuss, all style.”
Description: 130329_ASDMLDR_TRQ_2698.jpg
4.    Don’t get a sunburn
Not only is sunburn the leading cause of skin cancer, but it also ages your skin. Never leave the house without your SPF and lightweight clothes that shield your skin. (See, it’s not just me saying this! There are so many gels, lotions and sprays out there – no excuses!)
Do use clothing and accessories to protect your skin
A hat like the Ginger Poly Braid ($38) from Wallaroo has a wide brim to give you added protection from the sun. Plus, a loose-fitting top in a breathable, 100% cotton fabric blend is a great way to cover and protect shoulders. Both the Twin Peaks Top ($55) and Fringe Poncho ($59) have open sleeves and hang loosely, making each top the perfect, light layer to shield you from the sun’s rays.
Description: 130304_ATHTRTN-TRQ_MCPRLSC-WHT_0003-edit.jpg