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Fighting Blemishes? Do this…

I know it may be your least favorite part of playing in makeup (it sure is mine!), but those makeup brushes do need to be cleaned. Dirty brushes can not only make your makeup look muddy and dark, but they can also add stress to your face, causing breakouts. If you’ve suddenly noticed you’re breaking out, and haven’t figured out a cause, I’d definitely take a few minutes and get those brushes and beauty blenders clean.


There are lots of cleansers out there, at high price points, which do a good job –  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my money on makeup, not a makeup brush cleanser!

There’s an inexpensive alternative that gets the job done. Next time you visit the grocery store, Wal-mart or even a Dollar Tree, pick up a bar of Zote Soap.

It’s only a dollar or maybe even less, depending on where you purchase, but this will last a long, long time. I simply wet my brush and then swirl it around directly on the bar of soap. Once I’ve rinsed and repeated until the water is clear, I use a towel to press some of the water out then store upright until they are dry.

You will definitely see a difference the next time you apply your makeup!